معرفی پسوند فایلها و نرم افزار آنها

Corel Draw AutoBackupABK
Corel Draw 6 keyboard acceleratorACL
Used by Windows in the system directoryACM
Microsoft Office Assistant Preview fileACP
Microsoft Office Assistant Actor fileACT
OS/2 drivers that compress and decompress audio dataACV
After Dark screensaverAD
Appointment database used by HP 100LX organizerADB
OS/2 adapter drivers used in the boot processADD
After Dark MultiModule screensaverADM
Used by FaxWorks to do setup for fax modem interactionADP
After Dark Randomizer screensaverADR
Adobe font metricsAFM
ABC Flowchart fileAF2
ABC Flowchart fileAF3
Adobe Illustrator drawingAI
Apple Mac AIFF soundAIF
JASC Image Commander albumALB
Arts & Letters LibraryALL
Velvert Studio music module (MOD) fileAMS
Canon Computer Pattern Maker file that is a selectable list of pattern colorsANC
Animated CursorANI
Application Program Interface file; used by Adobe AcrobatAPI
Lotus Approach 97 fileAPR
Microsoft Visual C++ fileAPS
LH ARC (old version) compressed archiveARC
Robert Jung ARJ compressed archiveARJ
Xara Studio drawingART
Canon Crayola art fileART
Microsoft Visual InterDev fileASA
WinWord AutoSaveASD
Assembler language source fileASM
Active Server Page (an HTML file containing a Microsoft server-processed script)ASP
Procomm Plus setup and connection scriptASP
Claris Works “assistant” fileAST
AT&T Group 4 bitmapATT
Microsoft Video for Windows movieAVI
FaxView documentAWD
Backup fileBAK
Batch fileBAT
Windows 95 Briefcase documentBFC
Backgammon for Windows gameBG
Binary fileBI
GroupWise initialization fileBIF
Binary fileBIN
Sometimes used to denote backup versionsBK
Also sometimes used to denote backup versionsBK$
An IBM BookManager Read bookshelfBKS
An A bookmark fileBMK
Windows or OS/2 bitmapBMP
Apogee BioMenace data fileBM1
A file for browsing an index of multimedia options BRX
Quake mapBSP
Apogee Blake Stone data fileBS1
Batch file used by Norton UtilitiesBTM
Helix Nuts and Bolts fileB4
C codeC
Microsoft cabinet file (program files compressed for software distribution)CAB
CALS Compressed BitmapCAL
Calendar schedule dataCAL
Comma-delimited ASCII fileCAS
IntelliCharge categorization file used by QuickenCAT
Microsoft clean boot fileCB
Visual Basic Animated Button configurationCCB
Multimedia Viewer configuration file used in OS/2CCF
Corel Chart


Lotus CC:Mail “box” (for example, INBOX.CCM)CCM
CD Audio TrackCDA
Microsoft Channel Definition Format fileCDF
Phillips Compact Disk Interactive formatCDI
Core Draw drawingCDR
Corel Draw templateCDT
Corel Draw compressed drawingCDX
CIMFast Event Language fileCEL
Comptons Multimedia fileCFB
Configuration fileCFG
Common Gateway Interface script fileCGI
Computer Graphics MetafileCGM
OS/2 configuration fileCH
File fragments saved by Windows Disk Defragmenter or ScanDiskCHK
Ventura Publisher chapterCHP
Clip Gallery download packageCIL
Sim City 200 fileCIM
OS/2 change control file that tracks changes to an INI fileCIN
iD/Apogee Commander Keen 1 data fileCK1
iD/Apogee Commander Keen 2 data fileCK2
iD/Apogee Commander Keen 3 data fileCK3
iD/Apogee Commander Keen 4 data fileCK4
iD/Apogee Commander Keen 5 data fileCK5
iD/Apogee Commander Keen 6 data fileCK6
Java classCLASS
Windows Clipboard fileCLP
Visual Basic Class ModuleCLS
Command file for Windows NT (similar to a DOS .BAT file)CMD
DOS CP/M command fileCMD
dBase-II program fileCMD
Corel MetafileCMF
Address documentCMP
Corel Move animationCMV
Corel Presentation Exchange imageCMX
Configuration file used by Telnet, Windows, and other applicationsCNF
Windows application menu options and setup fileCNM
Compuworks Design Shop fileCNQ
Windows (or other) system content files for the help index and other purposesCNT
trueSpace2 objectCOB
Microsoft C compiler output as displayable assembler with original C as commentsCOD
(Command file (programCOM
Fax Cover documentCPD
Fax Cover documentCPE
Microsoft MS-DOS code page information fileCPI
Control Panel extensionCPL
Corel colour paletteCPL
C++ codeCPP
Corel Presents PresentationCPR
Corel Photo-Paint imageCPT
Corel Presentation Exchange Compressed drawingCPX
Cardfile fileCRD
Corel Presents Run-Time PresentationCRP
Certificate fileCRT
Corel ScriptCSC
PC Emcee On-Screen imageCSP
Comma-separated values fileCSV
Scitex CT BitmapCT
Used in general to mean a file containing control information. CTL
Microsoft Cue Cards dataCUE
Windows CursorCUR
Dr Halo bitmapCUT
Corel Versions archiveCV
Microsoft CodeView information screenCV
Claris Works data fileCWK
Claris Works templateCWS
C++ source code fileCXX
Data fileDAT
WordPerfect Merge DataDAT
Aston-Tate dBASE databaseDBF
DataBeam imageDBX
Shockwave fileDCR
Desktop Color Separation fileDCS
Fax image (based on PCX)DCX
SmartWare II data fileDEF
C++ DefinitionDEF
Certificate fileDER
Device-Independent BitmapDIB
Data Interchange Format spreadsheetDIF
Macromedia Director fileDIR
Description fileDIZ
C++ Dialogue ScriptDLG
Dynamic-Link LibraryDLL
X-Trakker music module (MOD) fileDMF
FrameMaker or FrameBuilder documentDOC
WordStar documentDOC
WordPerfect documentDOC
Microsoft Word documentDOC
Microsoft Word document TemplateDOT
Borland Delphi project header fileDPR
Micrografx Designer/DrawDRW
DooM saved gameDSG
Dynamic Studio music module (MOD) fileDSM
Microsoft Developer Studio projectDSP
Corel QUERY fileDSQ
Microsoft Developer Studio workspaceDSW
AutoCAD drawing eXchange formatDWG
AutoDesk Drawing Interchange formatDXF
Enhanced Windows MetafileEMF
Encore fileENC
Encapsulated PostScript imageEPS
ERWin fileER1
ERWin fileERX
Envoy documentEVY
Microsoft Encarta documentEWL
Executable file (program)EXE
Farandole Composer music module (MOD) fileFAR
Microsoft Outlook navigation barFAV
FAX Type imageFAX
Aldus Freehand 3 drawingFH3
Fractal image fileFIF
CCD camera imageFITS
AutoDesk FLIC animationFLC
AutoDesk FLIC animationFLI
Corel filterFLT
StarTrekker music module (MOD) fileFLT
Oracle binary source code for form, version 4.0 and laterFMB
Oracle text format of form, version 4.0 and laterFMT
Microsoft Schedule+ print fileFMT
Oracle executable form, version 4.0 and laterFMX
Fontographer fontFOG
System fontFON
Font-related fileFOT
FileMaker Pro fileFP
Flying Pigs for Windows data fileFP1
FileMaker Pro fileFP3
FlashPix bitmapFPX
FrameMaker or FrameBuilder documentFRM
Oracle executable form version 3.0 and earlierFRM
Visual Basic formFRM
WordPerfect Merge formFRM
Visual Basic form stash fileFRX
Corel Multimedia Manager albumGAL
Ground Control Point file used in image processing of remote sensing data . GCP
(Graphic Environment Document (drawingGED
GEM metafileGEM
Ventura-Generated text fileGEN
Patton&Patton Flowcharting 4 flowchart fileGFC
Genigraphics Graphics Link presentationGFI
Genigraphics Graphics Link presentationGFX
(Windows 95 global index file (containing help statusGID
CompuServe bitmapGIF
Genigraphics Graphics Link presentationGIM
Genigraphics Graphics Link presentationGIX
Genigraphics Graphics Link presentationGNA
Genigraphics Graphics Link presentationGNX
Microsoft GraphGRA
Grid file, used in image processing of remote sensing data often to form map projections. GRD
Program Manager GroupGRP
Graoumftracker (old) music module (MOD) fileGTK
Graoumftracker (new) music module (MOD) fileGT2
Genigraphics Graphics Link presentationGWX
Genigraphics Graphics Link presentationGWZ
Unix Gzip compressed fileGZ
C program headerH
HighEdit documentHED
Microsoft Hellbender saved gameHEL
Macintosh BinHex 2.0 fileHEX
HP Graphics Language drawingHGL
Help fileHLP
Lucas Arts Dark Forces WAD fileHOG
Visual Basic Help ProjectHPJ
C++ program headerHPP
Macintosh BinHex 4.0 fileHQX
History fileHST
Hypertext documentHTM
Hypertext documentHTML
Extended HTML templateHTX
Citrix fileICA
Targa bitmapICB
Image Color Matching profile fileICM
Windows IconICO
MIDI Instrument DefinitionIDD
Internet Data Query fileIDQ
Inset Systems metafileIGF
QuickBooks for Windows interchange fileIIF
WinImage fileIMA
GEM imageIMG
Assembler language or Active Server include fileINC
Information fileINF
Initialization fileINI
Oracle source code for form, version 3.0 and earlierINP
InstallShield install scriptINS
X-Internet sign-up fileINS
Lists the files on a CD-ROM; based on the ISO 9660 CD-ROM file system standardISO
X-Internet sign-up fileISP
InstallShield uninstall scriptISU
Impulse Tracker music module (MOD) fileIT
Idlewild screensaverIW
Java ARchive file (a compressed file for applets and related files)JAR
Java source codeJAVA
Paint Shop Pro image browser fileJBF
JPEG bitmapJFF
JPEG bitmapJIF
SAS JMPDiscovery chart-to-statistics fileJMP
Epic MegaGames Jill of the Jungle data fileJN1
JPEG bitmapJPG
JavaScript source codeJS
JPEG bitmapJTF
Kodak Photo-EnhancerKDC
KoFax Group 4 imageKFX
Kye game dataKYE
Deluxe Paint bitmapLBM
Microsoft Access lock fileLDB
Legacy documentLEG
Alternate file suffix for LZHLHA
Output file produced by a Structured Query Reporting (SQR) programLIS
Log fileLOG
Log file used by pokerstars for errors in their poker softwareLOG
Helix Nuts and Bolts fileLPD
Intel Video Phone fileLRC
List fileLST
Lightwave Object fileLWO
Lotus Wordpro 96/97 fileLWP
LH ARC compressed archiveLZH
Skyroads data fileLZS
Corel Motion 3D animationM3D
MacPaint imageMAC
Microsoft Access moduleMAD
Microsoft Access FormMAF
Visual Basic or MS Visual C++ ProjectMAK
Microsoft Access MacroMAM
Map fileMAP
Duke Nukem 3D WAD game fileMAP
Microsoft Access QueryMAQ
Microsoft Access ReportMAR
Lotus Freelance Graphics Smartmaster fileMAS
Microsoft Access TableMAT
Paperport fileMAX
Hover maze dataMAZ
Apogee Monster Bash data fileMB1
Dialer10 calling cardMCC
MathCAD imageMCS
Microsoft Word for Macintosh documentMCW
Microsoft Access add-inMDA
Microsoft Access databaseMDB
Microsoft Access MDE fileMDE
Digital Tracker music module (MOD) fileMDL
Quake model fileMDL
Microsoft Access blank database templateMDN
Microsoft Access WorkgroupMDW
Microsoft Access wizard templateMDZ
Music Editor, OctaMED music module (MOD) fileMED
Format for interchanging spreadsheet/database data; recognized by Filemaker, Excel, and othersMER
Presentation Manager metafileMET
Microsoft Image Composer fileMIC
Microsoft Mail FileMMF
Microsoft Multimedia MovieMMM
FastTracker, StarTrekker, Noise Tracker (etc.) music module fileMOD
Microsoft Multiplan spreadsheetMOD
QuickTime for Windows movieMOV
MPEG animationMPE
MPEG animationMPEG
MPEG animationMPG
Microsoft Project fileMPP
CAD drawing file formatMPP
MPEG Audio Layer 3 (AC3) fileMP3
Microsoft Mail messageMSG
Microsoft Network documentMSN
Microsoft Paint bitmapMSP
MultiTracker music module (MOD) fileMTM
Microsoft Multimedia Viewer fileMVB
Lotus Wordpro 97 Smartmaster fileMWP
NAP MetafileNAP
Microsoft Developer Studio fileNCB
Lotus Notes databaseNSF
Noise Tracker music module (MOD) fileNST
Lotus Notes database templateNTF
Microsoft Office binder templateOBD
Microsoft Office BinderOBD
Object fileOBJ
Microsoft Office Binder WizardOBZ
Microsoft Object Linking and Embedding custom controlOCX
Microsoft Office FileNew fileOFN
Microsoft Outlook templateOFT
Oktalyzer music module (MOD) fileOKT
OLE Object LibraryOLB
OLE objectOLE
Microsoft Developer Studio fileOPT
Lotus Organiser fileORG
Lotus Organiser 2 fileOR2
Lotus Organiser 97 fileOR3
Tektronix Plot 10 drawingP10
Microsoft Personal Address BookPAB
Quake WAD filePAK
Windows colour palettePAL
Corel Draw patternPAT
Microsoft PhonebookPBK
Portable BitmapPBM
Kodak Photo-CD imagePCD
HP Laserjet bitmapPCL
PICS animationPCS
Macintosh PICT drawingPCT
ZSoft PC Paintbrush bitmapPCX
Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format or Netware Printer Definition FilePDF
Package Definition File from Microsoft Systems Management ServerPDF
Patton&Patton Flowcharting PDQ Lite filePDQ
(Type 1 font (ASCIIPFA
(Type 1 font (binaryPFB
PF ComponentPFC
Printer Font MetricsPFM
HP Plotter drawingPGL
(Portable Graymap (bitmapPGM
PC Paint bitmapPIC
Lotus picturePIC
Macintosh PICT drawingPIC
Program Information FilePIF
IBM PIF drawingPIF
Lucas Arts Dark Forces WAD filePIG
Epic Pinball data filePIN
Epic Pinball data filePIN
Inset Systems bitmapPIX
MKS Source Integrity filePJ
(Microsoft Developer Studio application extension (similar to a DLL filePKG
Perl programPL
HPGL Plotter drawingPLT
AutoCAD Plot drawingPLT
Pagemaker 5.0 filePM5
Pagemaker 6.0 filePM6
Pagemaker 6.5 fileP65
Portable Network Graphics bitmapPNG
Paint Shop Pro Browser cataloguePNG
MacPaint graphic filePNT
Microsoft PowerPoint TemplatePOT
Picture Publisher 4 bitmapPP4
Microsoft PowerPoint Add-inPPA
Portable Pixelmap bitmapPPM
Microsoft PowerPoint slide showPPS
Microsoft PowerPoint presentationPPT
Lotus Freelance presentationPRE
Windows system filePRF
(Print Table (space delimited textPRN
Harvard Graphics for Windows presentationPRS
Lotus Freelance Graphics 97 filePRZ
Postscript Interpreted drawingPS
Adobe Photoshop bitmapPSD
Microsoft Outlook Personal Folder FilePST
Polytracker music module (MOD) filePTM
Ventura Publisher publicationPUB
Microsoft Publisher documentPUB
Microsoft Pocket Word documentPWD
Microsoft PowerPoint WizardPWZ
Microsoft Pocket Excel spreadsheetPXL
PF QuickArt DocumentQAD
QuickBooks for Windows fileQBW
Quick Books data file from the Quicken UK Accountancy/Tax/Invoice programQDT
Quick LibraryQLB
Microsoft QueryQRY
QuickTime MovieQT
QuickTime MovieQTM
Quark XPress fileQXD
Pegasus Mail resource fileR
Real Audio soundRA
Real Audio soundRAM
Sun Raster Images bitmapRAS
(Raw File Format (bitmapRAW
Microsoft Visual C++ Resource ScriptRC
Recorder macroREC
Registration fileREG
Microsoft Visual C++ ResourceRES
Run-Length Encoded bitmapRLE
Real Audio video fileRM
Rescue Rover data fileROV
Microsoft Visual Basic Crystal Reports fileRPT
Rich Text Format documentRTF
Real Tracker music module (MOD) fileRTM
Ami Professional documentSAM
Saved game fileSAV
Microsoft Source Safe fileSCC
Matrix/Imapro SCODL slide imageSCD
Microsoft Schedule+ 7SCD
Microsoft Schedule+ 1SCH
trueSpace2 sceneSCN
Dial-Up Networking ScriptSCP
Windows screensaverSCR
Fax imageSCR
Scitex CT bitmapSCT
Microsoft Schedule+ 7SC2

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